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Place & Track Sales Orders

In The Field

Direct Sales Orders

Simplify the sales order process and empower your sales team to place orders effortlessly live in the field. Enhance order accuracy, customer satisfaction, and overall sales efficiency.

Redistribute Sales Orders

Streamline sales orders for your redistributor’s with ease. Simplify the process, enhance collaboration, and ensure accurate and timely order management.

Telesales Module

Equip your office based team with the accountability tracker and call planning software needed for the ultimate success. Schedule calls, record sales and exceed expectations.

Competitor Brand Tracking

Stay ahead of the competition by tracking and analysing your competitors’ brands. Gain valuable market intelligence, identify trends, and make informed strategic decisions.

Inventory Management

Merchandise Management

Efficiently manage your merchandise lifecycle from procurement to sales. Track stock movement, monitor product availability, and ensure smooth inventory operations.

Brand Management

Gain complete control over your brands and products. Easily categorise, organise, and track your product offerings with our intuitive management tools, ensuring a streamlined approach to brand and product management.

Stock Takes

Simplify and streamline the process of inventory counts and stock reconciliations with in app stock display. Align with accurate stock inventory details directly from your suppliers integrated management system.

Route Management

Route Optimisation

Streamline your daily visits. Automatically adjust and reorder scheduled visits based on your start and end locations. Minimise travel time and fuel usage.

Live Tracking

Equip managers with a comprehensive view on the team’s real-time location and live status updates while out in the field.

Call Scheduling

Enable your team for success with self-planned or preplanned call schedules. Accurately track client visits, missed visits and last visited call logs.

Visual Routing

Enable field reps to view optimised routes on a map, enabling them to easily plan and manage client visits and deliveries while on the go.

Unlimited Dashboards

Team Member Management

Manage, add, remove and view individual team member data and performance details all from one easy to navigate dashboard.

KPI Target Setting

Align individual, team, and organisational goals with KPI target setting. Boost performance and optimise strategies using precise data to monitor progress, identify improvement areas, and drive success.

Call Adherence

Track, monitor and analyse call adherence results within your organisation and teams at one easy glance. With accurate data representation, make data driven decisions that improve customer visits.

Account Auditing

Whether it’s evaluating your store executions or assessing the effectiveness of third-party agencies, our tool provides you with valuable insights into your operations.

Account History

Access your account’s historical data right from the dashboard, providing you with a clear picture of your business’s journey. This includes client history, previous visits, completed tasks, and rep activity.

Promo Execution Tracking

Gain valuable insights into how your promotions are being executed and measure their impact on sales and customer engagement with real-time campaign tracking and management.

Digital Library

Call Back

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Tasks & Surveys

Custom Tasks

Create and customise unlimited field rep tasks to be used while out in the field at clients. Link tasks based on the customer being seen, the location visited or the product being sold. Gather accurate data and make informed decisions based on reliable field rep activity.

Unique Surveys