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The Merchandiser App
for Success

Empower your merchandising team with the complete solution for display tracking, product analysis, performance reviews, share of shelf evaluation and valuable marketing insights.

Display Management

Take, share and save in store, product display images directly via the app for enhanced display management and product visibility. Ensure stores are correctly displaying and managing your products. Create a display management library and be empowered with a clear link to display used and sales made. Deliver a visually captivating shopping environment that resonates with your customers, ultimately enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Marketing Insights

Analyse the relationship between store display used and sales made with our share of shelf management feature and display image tracker. Gone are the days of misinformed managers, badly displayed images and inconsistent product packing. Be empowered with the complete tool you need to manage the entire product lifecycle.

Product Management

Align product availability with accurate stock inventory details directly from your suppliers integrated management system.

Share Of Shelf Management

Visually capture and compare your products share of shelf details vs your competitors.

Target Tracking

Align merchandising and organisational goals with KPI targets.

Embrace Workflow Planning
for the Road

Adapt and optimise processes for on-the-go tasks and challenges, while out in the field.
Utilise workflow planning and organisation for enhanced efficiency, and increased success.

Route Optimisation

Plan your day for increased efficiency and decreased travel time with the Repforce Route Optimisation tool. Eliminate unnecessary traveling with the in app navigation tool, automatically rearrange your day based off of your location in comparison to your clients. Sort visits based on location efficiency and reduce costs.

Call Schedule Planning

Feel empowered with call an easy to use call scheduling planner at your fingertips. Schedule calls daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Prioritise and plan visits based on customer groupings, reschedule and edit calendar bookings based on client availability and location. Arrive prepared for success with on device planning.

KPI Tracking & Goal Setting

Seamlessly plan, manage and evaluate your goals with the Repforce on device KPI Tracker. View how you’re progressing compared to your goals with real time data insights. Feel empowered to do more, sell more and see more clients with accurate reporting and progress updates.

Manage with Ease

Streamline operations, make informed decisions, and gain valuable performance insights through our powerful suite of management features.

Performance Insights

Automate and streamline the reporting process within your company. Get detailed, accurate and timely, custom reports via the management dashboard. Filter, sort, and share reports with ease and eliminate time wasted sifting through multiple sources of data. The Repforce management software aggregates and displays your data both visually and numerically for easy analysis.

Unified Data Management

Reduce error and increase efficiency with a company wide, single source of data collection platform. Whether in the field or from the office, enable your reps, teams and managers to collect, store, analyse and share data via the Repforce platform. Whether it be sales data, customer information, store images or product catalogues, keep it organised in one spot and reduce error and confusion.

Organise Your Workflow

Make informed decisions and drive success with accurate competitor reports, sales data, industry metrics, and advanced auditing technology.

Auditing Insights

Equip employees, teams and managers with the tools they need to exceed expectations and meet company objectives. Delegate, manage and access all relevant and necessary reports, activities, documents and practices followed within teams via the management platform.

Compare industry metrics, sales performance data and overall company success with the Repforce advanced auditing technology.

Audits Done Per Week


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